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MVP has a full line of Spring and Fall Portrait Packages designed to distinguish you from the pack. MVP has pioneered high volume digital workflows that are crucial to successful school photography in the digital age. When combined with a wide variety of specialized studio software, the school photorapher shooting digitally has more freedom of choice than ever before.

Traditional Fall Portrait Packages

MVP has your complete Fall Portrait Program, with traditional prints and enlargements, and now including Digital Enhancement options which will energize and stimulate your fall line up!

Spring Portraits

MVP helps you take advantage of the creative freedom that your Spring Portrait Program thrives on. Enhance your spring season with a complete line of unique and compelling products such as, Magazine Covers, Trading Cards, Magnets, Bordered Prints, Laminated "FunPaks," Calendars, Mousepads and more!

Prints & Enlargements

Prints and enlargements available in all sizes and combinations.


Vignette prints have an attractive border enhancement.

Black & White Prints

Attractive black and white prints made from the same color image available in all sizes and combinations.

Bordered Prints

Beautiful border graphics available in many different designs.

Named Wallets

Wallet prints with name is a popular enhancement.

Retouch & Soft Touch

Before Retouch After Retouch

Basic touch-up is available for complexion and other minor imperfections. Another enhancement, Soft Touch (not shown), adds a "diffused" quality to your portraits.

Fun Spring Products

  • FunPaks (shown)
  • Trading Cards (shown)
  • Borders
  • Calendars
  • Magazine covers
  • Magnets
  • Much More...
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