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Leap Ahead Of The Competition! MVP has raised the standard for photofinishing service with Logless order Entry And Processing, or LEAP. This advanced technology frees up your valuable time so you can build your business and concentrate on satisfying your customers. The LEAP system is easy. Just send us your order envelopes, exposed film and summary sheets. That's all there is to it! You can throw away your log sheets forever.

To use LEAP, you must:

1) Use our envelopes (#ENV1, ENVSL). They are specially printed to be "machine readable" so your entire job can be electronically input into our production system instantly and error-free.

2) Use MVP Slate Cards (#SLCD) at the beginning of each roll and for each team change. These slate cards are then turned in to us with your envelopes when you send in your job. MVP supplies free slate cards each time you order envelopes.

3) Complete a Team Definition Sheet (#F-TEAMDEF) and Job Summary Sheet (#F-JOBSUM).

When your job is received, it immediately gets processed through LEAP. Your order is then ready to be produced, quickly and accurately and is available for viewing on our website.

Please call Customer Service and ask for the LEAP Startup Kit.

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